Private Room Bookings

Looking for the perfect spot to host a private party? Dining out with a larger group can often be a challenge in Miami. To remedy that, we offer private, secluded dining rooms for you to book for any special occasion. If you’re in search of a more intimate affair, we invite you to join us at Navé for an elegant and unforgettable culinary experience that will delight, surprise, and impress your friends, family or guests.

Allow us to host your party in our beautiful, contemporary, semi-private rooms. Our elegant, modern space provides the perfect backdrop for both casual and sophisticated gatherings with seating available for up to 70 guests. Celebrate in comfort and enjoy courteous, intimate service by our professional staff.

Menus can also be easily customized if need be, or you can simply enjoy our signature cuisine from our head chefs. Inspired by classic Italian flavors and coastal flare, chefs Michael Beltran – nominated Best Chef: South by the James Beard Foundation – and Justin Flit provide a special twist on classic dishes to present a culinary experience like no other. They employ masterful techniques when preparing and composing each dish to ensure every bite is bursting with flavor. From our house-made pastas to our curated selection of composed seafood to our raw bar featuring the freshest oysters – we guarantee there’s something here for everyone to savor.

As our customers’ palettes continuously evolve, so do our menus. Each week, we change up our selection to offer something extraordinary and unique, while still paying homage to the coastal flavors of Italy and maintaining the integrity of every ingredient. Focusing on fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients, Navé offers an array of colorful dishes that are immensely satisfying, rich and delectable. Our wine list and cocktail pairings bring everything together and can further enhance the experience with each bite.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or another special milestone, our sophisticated venue lets you come together in an intimate space so you can enjoy the company of each other without the distractions of others around you.

Contact us to book your private space now. For larger events, we also offer full restaurant buyouts. For additional information and availability, please contact us at your leisure.

For inquiries in booking a private event, please fill out the form.