At Navé, sea meets land and comfort is contemporary. Composed of the freshest ingredients and the product of classic culinary technique, the menu at Navé is equal parts refinement and soul. From the hand-made pastas rendered daily onsite in the temperature-controlled, glass-walled pasta room to the resplendent raw bar, no compromises are made. Here, the culinary team serves an eclectic menu that at once spans the globe but feels very much at home in the Magic City. It excels at being just that, a defining Miami restaurant that honors the past and looks joyfully into the future.

Our Menus

Both traditional and bold flavors are brought to Navé’s culinary experience through devotion to the integrity of the ingredients and the delicateness of its preparation.
Happy Hour & Dinner

The Chefs

Conceptualized and executed by Chef Michael Beltran and Chef Justin Flit, Navé embodies the blending of each chef’s unique style and culinary approach. Beltran’s refined fine dining capabilities and inclinations will be at home here, at play with Flit’s more rustic, robust American and Italian cookery. The pair emphasizes the sublime simplicity of high-quality ingredients, evident in the meticulously-sourced raw bar selection and daily house-made pasta.

Chef Justin Flit and Chef Michael Beltran

Private Events

Nothing compares to a memorable event with the ultimate service and dining experience. Host your event surrounded by the luxurious landscape known to Coconut Grove and the energy of the city’s happening scene.